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Brief introduction

With the excellent disc filter technology,BALDR’s disc filters have micron-precise,high efficiency and large volume filtration advantage.Besides,we provide various filters with different pipe sizes,flow rate & accurancy (20-600 micron) to meet the requirements from many application.The well-designed structure makes it easy to clean.

ApplicationAgriculture Irrigation/Urban Landscape Irrigation/Golf Course irrigation/Water Filtration For Industry

The filtration grade

Six colors are used to identify the five filtration precise level of the discs.

 130 micron manual water disc filter

Model & specification




Max flow

(m3/h) (gpm)

Filtering surface

(cm2) (in2)


(kg)  (lb)


DN25  1”

 6         26

180  28

0.39  0.86




 (mm)   (in)


(mm)  (in)


(mm)  (in)


173    6.8

186   7.3

83    3.3


Features& advantage

1.compact structure is assemble in narrow space;

2.micron-precise filtration;

3.innovative depth filter traps design retains large amount of solids;

4.resistant to chemicals products;

5.easy installation,easy maintenance;

6.Auxiliary connection for drain & pressure;

7.preset 2 holes for connecting pressure gauge.

 130 micron manual water disc filter

Head loss

 130 micron manual water disc filter

How to cleaning the element?


The unique disc technology

BALDR adopt colorful & thin polypropylene discs of micron precise level.The discs are diagonally grooved on both sides in opposite directions.A series of discs are stacked and compressed on a specially designed filter spine.The grooves of any two adjacent discs with opposite direction pressed together,then it will create a series of crossing points which form multiple particle traps.In the filtration process,the force of the spring along with the differential pressure firmly compresses these discs together and providing exceptional filtration efficiency.Filtration occurs as water percolates from micron rating,there are multiple crossing points in each track,creating distinctive in-depth filtration.


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