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Simple intoduction

4”Series H type auto disc filtration system is composed of modular BAF100with 4”back-flushing control valve,which works as an unattended system by built-in computer chip for automatic scheduling work.

Filtering accuracy: 20 micron to 600 micron

The filtration grade

Six colors are used to identify the five filtration precise level of the discs.


Typical Application

Agriculture irrigation:applicable to small agriculture irrigation,removing the particles from water drawing,lake,river ect.,protecting the sprayers of the irrigation system.

Garden irrigation:provide solutions for the water recycling of garden irrigation or water landscape,ensure the water quality,and protecting the sprayer and the dropper.

Industrial irrigation:provide solutions for low flow water recycling in industrial application.


Specifications &Dimension:


Unit No.

Filtering Surface(cm2)



Max Flow

(m3/h) (gpm)


(kg) (lb)




8  200

256  1127

380  837.8

 H 3 inch .jpg 




(mm)   (in)

1200   47.2


(mm)   (in)

1210   47.6


(mm)   (in)

1530   60.2


(mm)   (in)

320    12.6


(mm)   (in)

1320   51.9


(mm)   (in)

680    26.8


(mm)   (in)

300    11.8

The unique disc technology 

BALDR adopt colorful & thin polypropylene discs of micron precise level.The discs are diagonally grooved on both sides in opposite directions.A series of discs are stacked and compressed on a specially designed filter spine.The grooves of any two adjacent discs with opposite direction pressed together,then it will create a series of crossing points which form multiple particle traps.In the filtration process,the force of the spring along with the differential pressure firmly compresses these discs together and providing exceptional filtration efficiency.Filtration occurs as water percolates from micron rating,there are multiple crossing points in each track,creating distinctive in-depth filtration.


Head loss:

Vortex disc filtration technology

 H Vortex.jpg

With the unique disc and vortex structure design,the filter will generate a centrifuge spiral flow of water,which moves away the solid particles in the water.The solid particles will be collected to the top of disc element with rotational flow.The vortex disc filter system ensure high efficient filtering and water-saving for the low frequency of back-flushing.


Modular BAF100H Specification

 BAF100H .jpg

How it works?

Filtration stage:

Under the command of the controller,the dirty water flow into the filters in filtration stage via the back-flushing control valves,then the Vortex and the disc keeps the particles in the groove of the discs,the clean water flow into the outlet pipe.

Backwashing stage:

Under the command of the controller,only one of filter starts back-flushing at a time.The back-flushing control valves change the water flow direction,then the filtered water is introduced in reverse through the filtering element which decompresses the stack of discs for the backwash procedure.The solids are expelled from the discs and discharged through the drain manifold.The filtration process starts again finishing the back-flushing stage.The filter will start back flushing successively until all filters finish cleaning.

 H type trend.jpg


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