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Product Description

This tap timer is use for micro-irrigation and running times are 2,5,10 and 15 mins.It is simple easy installation and programming. That Irrigation frequency are once every 12,24 and 48 hours separately and has rain delay functions from 2 hours to 22 hours.It programmed on/off  times saves water perfect for drought and non-drought conditions.         

Features and Benefits

●Multifunction button CLICK 
● Inlet threaded for tap 1” F and reduction of 3/4” F 
●Powered by 3 AAA 1,5V Alkaline Batteries 
●Battery compartment with O-Ring 
●Diaphragm solenoid valve 
●Working water pressure: 0.5 bar to 5.0 bar 
●Flow rate: 5 L/MIN to 35 L/MIN 

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