Baldr Australia Pty Ltd was registered on 22nd, June,2018 and lcoated in unit 2, 5 Gunya Street, Regents Part NSW 2143. Our products has a wide range of generator series, electrical clock series and irrigation equipments.  Baldr Australia Pty Ltd was founded on the purpose of better serving internationally. Our Australia company has 1000sqm2 warehouse with traffice convenience, which could satisfy emergency delivery and timely response to after sale locally. whenever there is need, Baldr is everywhere to meet.

Founded in October 2012, BALDR is a Sino-US joint venture and a professional environmental equipment manufacturer. Through introduction of advanced water filtration technology and air deodorant patented technology of BALDR INTERNATIONAL LLC in the United States, we are committed to developing and producing equipment of the water treatment,  water filtration systems and air deodorization.  BALDR products are widely applied in agriculture irrigation, urban landscape irrigation, golf course irrigation, industrial water recycle and municipal industrial air deodorization.

Our company is located in Fuzhou China with more than 300 employers. There are three major teams: international sales team, the domestic sales team with engineering background, and the R&D team. Our R&D center is of high capacity in the design of the software, electronic hardware, structural engineering, 3D engineering, molding and industrial application. Our company has 1500 m2 office, 500 m2 R&D Center, 300m2 show room, and we also possess10000 m2 modernized industrial plants including the molding, plastic injection, metal stamping, electronic appliances and assembly lines. Our company is very strong in supplying chain management, integrated production and manufacturing. The independent production rate is more than 60%. 

We are researching deeply in industrial automation control, signal wireless transmission, cloud platform data collection, Internet of things linkage control and so on. These technologies can be applied in water recycling reuse which contribute to water saving and environmental protection; and also they can be applied in agricultural drip irrigation and fertilization that contribute to the large agricultural scientific cultivation.

BALDR always abides by the value of "innovation & creation, customer orientation, dynamic & enthusiasm, integrity and honestyā€¯. We apply the core competence  "scientific and technological innovation"  to make contribution to water conservation, industrial water recycling, air deodorization treatment etc. We are devoted to bring a better environment for the earth by our continuous efforts. And we aim to create BALDR as an international brand among water&air environmental protection industry.