Installation & Maintenance FAQ and Attentions

Auto back-flashing filtration system is the most efficient and practical solution for water filtration nowadays. It’s favored by more and more enterprises in industries which need large volume of water. In practical application, how to install the system appropriately? What should be attended to during installation? These are all worthy of our concern, as followed, BALDR will advise on these matters. 
Q:What should be paid attention to while installation?
A: While installing, extra attention should be paid to protection to the control box, sensor and transmission parts, avoiding any damage to these parts. And pay more attention to the direction of outlet while fixing equipment.
Q: How to confirm the pipe direction when we get the whole set equipment?
A: When the equipment comes in whole skid mounted, follow the arrow direction on the filter pipe while connecting the pipesensuring the water flow in accord with the arrow direction on the filter pipe.  
Q: How to install when equipment comes in component parts?
A: When installing the single component part, please follow the installation drawing to connect pipes, connect valve and filter unit, and connect the cable between the control box and the valve according to the connection mark number.   
Q: Where does the sewage outlet lead to?
A: The sewage outlet pipe that is connected to the filter equipment should not be too long, better not exceeds 10 meters, the sewage outlet pipe should be connected to the gutter.
Q: How to clean and maintain the valve after the pipe connection is done?
A: In order to realize easy cleaning and maintenance while installation, the shut off valve should be installed before and after installation of the inlet and outlet pipe and sewage outlet pipe.
Q: What to do when the water pressure is unknown? 
A: In order to confirm the water pressure, we can install the pressure gauge in front of water inlet, if the pressure is unstable, pressure regulating valve should be included to balance the pressure.
Q: Whatexhaust valve for?
A: The exhaust valve is proposed to be equipped at the top of the inlet to evacuate air inside the pipe.
Q: What should be attended to while installing the manual-venting filter?
A: During the installation of manual-venting filter, please open the exhaust valve before water comes in, after air inside is completely evacuated, close the exhaust valve. (Not for filter with automatic exhaust valve).
Q: What is the maximum working pressure of BALDR filter?
A: The maximum working pressure of BALDR filter is 10 kg/².
Q: Why is the filter blocked just for half an hour when the auto back-flashing is preset manually?
A: The default setting is recommended for auto filter systems, if there are special requirementsplease read the instructions carefully before resetIn general, the cause of blocking is the too big preset value of pressure differential between inlet and outlet.  At the beginning of filter working, the greater pressure is needed to start the filter (1.5kilogram generally). After the filter works normally, the pressure differential should be reset as daily work value.(0.5 kilogram generally). If any resetting mistakes happen, the system can be restored to factory setting.
 QDoes the performance of disc filter have a direct effect on its life span?
A: Only if working quality and system cleanliness are guaranteed, the life span of the filtration system can be guaranteed or extended.
Q:  Even if filter element is blocked for disc filter equipped with bypass valve, don’t the element need to be cleaned or replaced for a long time?
A: The mistake is caused by cognitive bias on bypass valve, most people think the function of bypass valve is same as one of safe valve for disc filter. Actually if it is not very high for the requirement of filter work continuity, its better not to choose a disc filter equipped with bypass valve. If you choose this kind of filter, when the contamination blocking pinger sends the signals, please replace the element immediately to ensure the system safe running .